We only have one beautiful world, (until we work out how to live on Mars that is). In the meantime we want to create products which minimise the impact on the environment.  

Sustainable Products

Our Wow Art System is designed as an investment for your home and the environment.  It is a re-usable system that allows you to keep the same wall frame and switch out different images. 
Our fabric art system is designed not to be thrown away.  You can keep the system and update the artwork. Printed to fabric your images will last for years and when you tire of one print, you can swap it out for another.  They are washable and when you are finished with it for good they can be returned to us and we will recycle them.
Our aluminium frame extrusion is 100% Australian produced, minimising shipping distances which all adds up when it comes to emissions.  Aluminium is also 100% recyclable if you choose to part ways with your frame.

Recyclable Packaging

Our packaging preferences are to use recycled materials such as cardboard which can be recycled and re-purposed.  Small steps such as these all contribute to reducing landfill and helping our earth.