Our Giilang (Story)

The Wow Factor Home is an online shop born out of the need to adapt to a post-COVID 19 environment. Our regular business of marketing, events and displays were lost in a moment. However, with the new normal we knew we couldn’t sit around defeated we looked at our core strengths and realised we could use our experience and flair for the commercial environment and bring it into the home.

COVID hit and in just 3 days our existing business ground to a complete halt. As the Government and banks muddled their way through unprecedented times, so did we. In a moment all our forecasted business was wiped from the calendar. Existing debtors and ongoing debtors mounting and no clarification on the horizon, myself and my staff faced losing our jobs and the business faced bankruptcy.  

Determined not to be ruined by bankruptcy, determined to keep my staff in paid employment, the born leader and solution seeker Leo in me came out fighting. I thought hard about who we are what do we do and how can we do it differently? What needs to happen to come out the other side of COVID intact and together?

I thought we are skilled designers and makers so we shall design and make something else! How do we take what we can from our existing business model and transfer these skills to something else? In my many, many talks with many, many people one friend said, think of your home and the beautiful space you have created there. I took that thought and didn’t think too much of it, I couldn’t see the fit. The word home kept floating round my mind and eventually it clicked, we can design and make beautiful things for homes. There it was, The Wow Factor Home.  

[Founder Brett Groves]

 The Wow Factor Brother Company

Our brother company The Wow Factor works in the exhibition, retail and office design, construction and management space.  See their website for a full list of projects and services.

THE WOW FACTOR X LAS VEGAS BOOTH V5 from The Wow Factor on Vimeo.